Good LOOK in LIFE ! ! Last Reunion Dec 28, 2005

Monday, January 30, 2006

DWC HS Batch ' 86 and Sponsors..Thank You !

Donated Tables and Chairs

Donated Computers and gave Free Training
Students (5th Grade Section PINO)
Priceless SMILE..

Before Looks of the Classroom


DWC HS Batch '86 is committed to help SAN JOSE, Occ.Mindoro Community. Just before our 2005 REUNION, we started a project called " Classroom C.P.R. (Chain-Project-Reaction) ". The goal is to inspire, move, and touch the lives of young people in the community. We targeted schools hoping that if the goal materializes, ( can you imagine young people Touched, Moved and Inspired!!!) they will turn the whole Mindoro island up side down!... First STOP, San Jose Adventist Academy : 218 in population what have we done: Computer Room Setup -computers,monitors,speakers,printers,webcams,headsets etc. top of the line wireless & wired internet connections (see pictures) ..NEXT STOP, San Jose Pilot Elementary School :Section V-PINO population: 4,000 plus students.. What have we done: classroom "make over" , donated 4 brand new computer systems,printer,webcam and speakers.FREE Setup/Training from the SJAdventist Academy!( SEE Pictures)


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