Good LOOK in LIFE ! ! Last Reunion Dec 28, 2005

Monday, January 09, 2006

LIFE Changes Fast...LIFE Changes in the instant !

At some point, I thought It was just a jetlag I was trying to "shake it off" my brain.. memories, fun times from our last REUNION ..Remembering what seemed most striking about what had happened! Memories never left my mind,WE actually had a blastful REUNION ! We had a GREAT TIME and we hope you did too! The reunion organizers are delighted for the amazing support from batchmates that showed up, participated and contributed everything for the success of this REUNION. We can't discribe how thankful we are for joining US in the GAME of LIFE ! Again from the bottom of our heart, SALAMAT SA LAHAT NG DUMALO, salamat din sa Batchmate's Family members that added "colors" sa event. .. Well..What's NEXT? Latest update, we are gathering pictures from our PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL (Murtha) got their wishlist and now creating more possibilities for people around the WORLD to SEE San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and take actions that will impact lives. What's my part?How can I help?What can I do in this project?Well, asking these questions is good enough to create awareness in your community. I remember more than 20 years ago When one of our classmate's Father was dying in front of our eyes and the hospital staff can't do anything but allow death to succeed! You probably know similar scenarios in our own Province SAN JOSE.. LIFE being snatched due to lack of medical facilities with ABLE staff but needless to say helpless..I invite you to consider what if you or your loveone is in a CRITICAL situation? What facilities are available for your treatment? Do you need to wait for the next flight to Manila to address your case? I believe we heard these questions before and so here is your part BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT DID NOT HEAR THE NEED IN SAN JOSE and this is our commitment to invite people who are willing to help. Unless we create the possibility for SAN JOSE, taking a stand what we believe will help TRANSFORM our province, it will remain just the same small town, small CHANGES after so many years! (that was my scariest nightmare!) Wake UP call!!! VISUALIZE what's possible for SAN JOSE and take actions that you can be proud of ! ! ! Thank You Batchmates for Believing! SEE YOU NEXT REUNION ! (whenever that is ! ) Abangan!


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